Why Himilo organization for development (HOD)

Core Principles

HOD believes that all human are equal and everyone deserves better life. We are an independent, transparent, non-religious, nonsectarian, nonpolitical and nonprofit organization. We respect religions, culture and historical traditions of our beneficiaries.

Emergency relief

Our organization’s mandate is organizing emergency relief services, provision of health and nutrition, clean water accessibility, community capacity building. Our programs promote poverty reduction and conflict management. We advocate for human rights and encourage good governance. We discourage harmful cultural practices such as FGM and etc. we collaborate with stakeholders in promoting technical knowhow for farmers and managing natural resources.

Successful Project Implementation Approach

We use successful standard project implementation approach by organizing Inclusive consultation with communities and the authority. We make sure that everyone is included to benefit from the projects. The projects we implement create sustainability for the community and by doing so, the organization will be protected from abuse.

Transparent Financial Management And Systematic

We are committed to ensuring transparency in the management of finances and we have yearly audit by reputable firm. We prepare periodic reports for stakeholders and donors, and we use standard accounting system that enables to maintain a record of financial transactions, process payments, audit statements and create, send and reconcile invoices. Our accounting system is streamlined and automated financial transactions.

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