Health and Nutrition development

Our community-based healthcare approach employs a wide network of community health workers to ensure that people living in poverty can access high-quality, affordable services. Our health workers ensure a continuum of care, bridging the gap between formal healthcare systems and communities.

1. The main health services we offer include:

2. The strategies we use in the provision of health services are:

Somalia faces widespread malnutrition. HOD’s nutrition program has been educating households and communities to address this issue. Community nutrition promoters counsel, coach, and demonstrate. We also provide food to moderately malnourished mothers and children aged 6–59 months through community-based management of acute malnutrition (CMAM). The Nutrition program raises awareness of adolescent girls’ nutrition and encourages mothers and family members to eat healthy and varied foods, breastfeed for at least two years, exclusively breastfeed for six months, and start complementary feeding after six months. The MIYCN home fortification program distributes micro-nutrient powder sachets to prevent child malnutrition and anemia. Iron, vitamins, and minerals prevent anemia in 6–59-month-olds.

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