Our strategic Pillars

Shelter and NFIs provision

HOD works to ensure that everyone has the right to adequate housing. We bring together local authorities with UN agencies and NGOs in order to coordinate and improve the provision of emergency shelter and NFIs. The result is a harmonized effort to support affected Somalia people to claim their right to adequate housing and live in dignified circumstances.

Water, sanitation and hygiene development

We believe that living in clean and safe environment is every person’s right. Access to clean water, basic toilets and good hygiene practices not only keep people thriving but also give them a healthier life style.

Child, women protection and advocacy

Children and woman living in drought effected areas or refugees are vulnerable to exploitation and violence. We stand to protect the woman and children living in.

Educational development – Both formal and informal, and vocational skills training

According to UNICEF, there are more than 3 million children out of school in Somalia. HOD aims to help reduce the rate of illiteracy by offering formal, informal and vocational skills training.

Agriculture and livelihood development

HOD believes that sustainable agriculture provides high yields without undermining the natural system and resources that productivity depends on.

Health and Nutrition development

Nutrition status is a measure of the health condition of an individual as an affected primarily by the intake of food and utilization of nutrients. According to the World Health Organization (WHO). Health is not only the absence of disease by a state of complete mental and physical wellbeing in relation to the productive and performance of an individual. We believe that the development of health and nutrition will help the community prosper and reduce malnutrition and health issues.

Governance, Peace and Conflict Resolution

Major challenges that face societies in distress are lack of good governance and conflict resolution mechanisms. We believe that offering good governance, conflict resolution programs and creating the conditions to allow peace to hold and flourish are the pillars of sustainable peace.

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