I am contented to present to you Himilo Organization for Development (HOD). It is with pleasure that I start by thanking our members, partners, donors and staff for their selfless and unrelenting support and strong commitment that you all exhibited to not only to realize the success of our performance but also to witness the magnificent impact on the targeted beneficiaries. We humbly look forward continuing our operation with renewed dedications and commitment.

Abdi Omar Diriye

During the year, 2020, HOD provided a realistic platform that enabled positive engagement and implementations on a wide range of issues with impact on humanitarian and development assistance inside Somalia. The success of HOD has been because of its technical staffs, members’ participation and commitment to work together and adherence to our core values that saw us stride on the line towards our vision of an all equal and developed society able to overcome local challenges where every citizen enjoys peace and sustainable livelihoods. However, these achievements have not been without challenges. The brittle operating environment in Somalia meant that staffs and donors had adapted to the changing context including the Covid pandemic environment without compromising on their assistance to the Somali people. Our continued collaboration with external stakeholders including donors and UN agencies to mention FAO, WFP, SHF, NED and ICRI have been significant aspect of HOD’S work, facilitating information exchange and more effective ways of working and generally contributing to achieving a better shared understanding and more informed context analysis through provision of field based evidence and advice.

We end 2020 with the full knowledge that there is still more that needs to be done to build a strong resilience and development programs. With some apprehension, we reflect on potential developments and the continued significant humanitarian needs of our communities. Our vision for 2020 and beyond is an environment conducive for all stakeholders to improve the lives of Somali people. This vision cannot be a reserve of the HOD, but for all of one mind local community, the donor community, international organizations and the national authorities. We are committed to expand our efforts to facilitate collectively achieving this vision in the coming years. In addition, by anchoring our work in the principles of sustainable development we are helping to enhance wellbeing for the years ahead.



Managing Director – HOD